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WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo


October 25-27, 2017 New Orleans

Eight Reasons Leading Companies are Attending the WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo

Every year, the most forward-looking and progressive contractors, facility/asset owners, and suppliers of all sizes have high level participants at the WJTA-IMCA. Learn more about the top reasons for attending:

1. Value – Your opportunity to compare the latest offerings from the industry’s leading vendors and service providers in one place
2. Focus on Safety – Learn about WJTA-IMCA’s safety initiatives first-hand and see safe operating procedures at the live demos. Find out how safety can improve your efficiency and bottom-line!
3. Networking – Make new contacts and renew old friendships in the exhibit hall and industry appreciation reception
4. Quality – WJTA-IMCA is known for its first rate education in the areas of waterjet and industrial vacuuming and hydroexcavation. Also included in 2017 are the technical conference sessions featuring the work of top researchers and engineers.
5. Live Demos – See innovative new equipment demonstrated live outdoors and evaluate controls hands-on in the exhibit hall
6. New Technology – Explore the newest product releases from the industry’s leading vendors and service providers
7. Dedicated – WJTA-IMCA’s emphasis on waterjet, cleaning/vacuuming, and related service lines saves you time and money. The right kind of education, safety, and equipment all at one event
8. Entertainment – New Orleans is a world-class tourist and event destination with legendary dining, shopping and nightlife

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WJTA-IMCA Conference/Expo Updates

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WJTA-IMCA Waterjet Technology Association- Nov 2-3 Expo- New Orleans

The 2016 WJTA-IMCA  is a two day filled meeting with practical talks and demos.  The registration is $30 (one day) to $45 (2 day).  The WJTA_IMCA features a panel discussion on the Future of the Industry  which includes contractors, owners, and equipment manufacturers :

Jim Ashmead, E.I. DuPont

Rawlin Brown, StoneAge, Inc.

Bradley Coble, PSC

Andrew DeBusk, DeBusk Service Group

Terry Gomes, Terydon, Inc.

John Hodges, Evergreen Industrial Services

Liam Kearney, J. Hvidtved Larsen US, INc.

Gary Noto, HydroChem LLC

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Comparison of Wet Abrasive Blast (WAB) and Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning

There are many methods of wet abrasive blast cleaning (WAB) in surface preparation to remove coatings.

Since the 1980’s, Carolina Equipment and Supply Co. (CESCO) has been supplying WAB equipment  along with recycling methods.

Recently CESCO sent me two youtubes to directly compare traditional dry abrasive blast cleaning and Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning using their AquaMiser (TM) equipment. I would like to share the youtubes with you.


Dry Blast (Traditional Abrasive Blast Cleaning) Surface Preparation

Parameters:  375 cfm compressor at 100 psi using a # 8 venturi nozzle

The panel was 54” x 28” (137 cm x 71 cm) (10.5 sq. feet) and was coated with an epoxy primer and poly urethane topcoat.

Abrasive: Dupont Starblast 101 using 18 lbs per minute at a cost of $.22 cents per lb (total abrasive cost $23.76)

Time: 6 minutes

Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning


Aqua Miser   Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Surface Preparation)

Parameters:   35,000 psi  3 gpm  using the F40 Abrasive Fan Gun with a 15 degree tip

The panel was 54” x 28” (137 cm x 71 cm) (10.5 sq. feet) and was coated with an epoxy primer and poly urethane topcoat.

Abrasive: Dupont Starblast 101 using 2lbs per minute at a cost of $.22 cents per lb (total abrasive cost was $1.32)

Time: 2 minutes 43 seconds

Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (CESCO)

Quality of Water for Protection of high-pressure pumps and Surface Preparation

For 30 years, I have received questions about the quality of water that should be used for removal of coatings. How much dissolved material or minerals gets left on the surface? Just recently after an hour long webinar to 200 people, the question was “What should the quality of the water be?”

Among the first comments which I received on the WJ standards documents came from Singapore: The complaint was that we didn’t advocate cleaning with brackish or filtered seawater.” Just recently in 2015, a Sherwin Williams representative talked about the methodology in Brazil where WJ was being used for primary surface preparation, and not just potable water. However, I also received call in the mid 190’s where contractors said that they could tell the difference of quality of water between municipality sources. The better the quality of water, the better the removal, and the less flash rust.

As a task group leader for NACE and SSPC, the task groups finally defined surface preparation water. Surface Preparation water is water of sufficient purity and quality that it does not prevent the surface being cleaned from achieving the WJ-1 degree of surface cleanliness or nonvisible contaminant criteria when contained in the procurement documents. SP water should not contain sediments or other impurities that are destructive to the proper functioning of the cleaning equipment.

The following is a monograph on

The Quality of Water to be used in Surface Preparation and to Protect the Pumps.

Quality of Water 2015-10-29



This is the original white paper monograph which is the basis for removal of paint and coating system by high pressure waterjet cleaning HP-WJ.  Prepared by Lydia M. Frenzel; Dr. Robert De Angelis, and Dr. John B. Bates, 1983

At the time, 20,000 psi (140 mPa) was the upper limit on the cleaning equipment.  Click on the link to download the pdf paper.

frenzel deangelis bates 1983 White Paper